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    • DELRON 6KG Twin Tub Washing Machine

      Key Features Capacity: 6 kg . Cycle Selector: Normal/Gentle Spin Timer: 5min. Timer Selector Soakmatic: 30min

      Rust-Free Durable Plastic Body
      Delron DWM-006 is a great value-for-money semi-auto washing machine and suits best for those who are seeking a basic machine which does a good job. The body is designed to be durable and rust-free, enabling the machine to last in the long run.

      Innovative Features
      The Delron DWM-006 Washing Machine comes with innovative features such as Soakmatic where the clothes are agitated every 5 minutes during a soak cycle to get rid of stubborn stains more effectively. Spin Shower feature ensures clothes are thoroughly clean, this feature gives the clothes an extra rinse using fresh clean water during a spin cycle.


      Basic Features

      • Capacity: 6Kg
      • Wash: 15min.
      • Soakmatic: 30min.
      • Cycle Selector: Normal/Gentle
      • Spin Timer: 5min.
      • Rust Free Durable Plastic Body

      Other Features

      • Water Action Selector
      • Washing Timer Selector
      • Spinning Timer Selector
      • Spin Shower
      • Plastic Spin Tub
      • Compact Body but Big Capacity
      • Hertz Free
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